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Video Games are No Longer Just Games

January 28, 2010
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Having received a PS3 for Christmas, I am being reconnected to the world of video games for the first time since I owned my last system; an N64 in 7th grade. However, things are not what they once were. Games are not just games, they a franchises. One of the biggest Ps3 franchises is a game set titled Uncharted. Both games have been given the respective title of “Game of the Year” in the respective year they were released (07 & 09). Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune was the first game, and it follows the quest of Nathan Drake, a fortune hunter who recovers the coffin of Sir Francis Drake, an explorer. The game is following the themes of Indiana Jones and Laura Croft. Drake himself is modeled after a young Harrison Ford and Johnny Knoxville. In the second outing of the franchise, Uncharted: Among Thieves, Drake is again thrown into action and adventure when he searches for the Lost Treasure of Marco Polo. With the release of Among Thieves, not only was it declared the best PS3 game of all time, but the franchise was voted the best that the PS3 had to offer.

The praise that this franchise has had has led to many other opportunities, including a movie deal with Colombia Pictures that will be put together in the next few years. While this may be the time of the comic book movies, very few video games are made into movies, and even less into successful ones. But Uncharted is taking the plunge into moviedom, and with the popularity of it, it may become the next big thing.


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