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Who Wants to be a Superhero?

April 18, 2010
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New York City, home to quite possibly every sort of store you could ever imagine. And with this store, quite possibly the coolest store I have ever seen, 5th Ave in Brooklyn should be a preferred stop.

It’s great to know, that even after centuries of start-ups and companies coming into creation, that either one man or a group of people can come up with a great idea and get financing for such a breakout idea. The Brooklyn Superhero Supply Company is located in Brooklyn on 5th Ave, and it will supply a budding superhero with everything he or she would need to kick some serious evil ass. Some of the product categories that you can purchase items from are: Capes, Secret Identities, Gear, Robots/Cybernetics/Mutations, Lairs, Outfitting, Manuals, Lab Supplies and Invisibles.

And while I don’t actually know what is contained in all of the jars and tins that are supposedly carrying muscle enhancement of speed of light serum, I feel like I would most definitely purchase one and have in on some sort of mantle or tabletop.

But what really struck me as extremely well done was the branding and corporate identity of the BSS. They are not just a pure play business, they are a click and mortar company. They have a very well designed website, as well as a physical store front that is a great translation of all of their other branded material.

And here is the website.

After stumbling upon this website from a cursory glance on Google Maps (which revolutionized apartment hunting), I have been nothing but excited to actually see this store in person. But being as I’m in Ithaca currently, my next thought was to put together a mock ad campaign for my portfolio for the company. Maybe a website, maybe some packaging, I feel like designing for this sort of company would be extremely quirky and fun.

And just in case anyone was wondering, if I could have any sort of superpower it would be shape shifting.


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