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Simplicity and Beauty in Package Design

April 22, 2010
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New work from Landor for Old Spice.

With customers complaining that Old Spice’s old musk smell has always remained the same, Old Spice decided to release a series of new scents not given names like “New Wave”, “Fresh Start”, or “Invigorate”. Instead, they released a series of smells that are exotic location based, and Landor designed some sweet new packaging to go along with it. Above you can see the Denali, Fiji, and Matterhorn scents. Now, I could not even begin to guess what these scents would smell like, I’m a huge fan of the new look and the bold step away from the crappy selection that is men’s deodorant.

I like the switch from dark bottles to the white ones. Clean, concise, and very reflective of what the American public is feeling right now. At the far end of this recession, Americans are looking for clean and simple product design. You will see it all over the place, companies are using a lot of simple color and design patterns. Sometimes black and white with one accent color. Sometimes a very simple design scheme. It seems that we are tired of complexity. At home, in the news, and in our commercial design. And these new designs from Landor mirror that wonderfully. You have the red Old Spice emblem, and then you have an accent color for the location banner. And to integrate the central emblem into the scene, you have one piece of nature going in front of it in every scene. A tree in Fiji, a hillside in Matterhorn and reeds in Denali.

I will definitely be trying these out in the future. I think I’m going to start with Cyprus. The light blue of the location banner and the scene itself seem to reach out to me more than any of the others.


Why Brand A Nation?

January 30, 2010
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Landor Associates, one of the largest branding agencies in the world, does not just stick with consumer product companies  for their clients. Two specialty industries that Landor works with in a large capacity are governments and tourism boards. They have worked on the re-branding of countries, states and cities. Most recently, they worked on the branding for the Australian city of Melbourne.

There is a lot of debate on whether places can actually be branded, some scoff at the idea that counties and places should be treated the same way as a chocolate brand or athletic shoe company. But there are many people who believe that brands can be branded, although not the same way as consumer products. On the design side of branding

Simon Anholt is the world leading authority of place branding, and has put out the Nation Brand Index every year for the past decade or so. He has consulted on several countries rebranding projects and has taught master classes on place branding all around the world. Check out the case study that Landor put together for Melbourne.

Melbourne Case Study

You can see in the photo on the left how all of the different designs were considered depending on the tone they were trying to give the city. And that’s one of the big things about place branding v. consumer branding. You can’t force a place to The process of place branding is one that really interests me, having written my final paper on “Brand America” last year for one of my classes titled “International Marketing”.

With my interest in brand design, and especially place branding, I have applied for several companies for post-graduation that specialize in place branding.  Just the ability to create a brand for any place sort of amazes me. It’s different than consumer branding, its a physical place that people call home. And people have the opportunity to create designs that people will forever associate with that place. And that’s why place branding again is so unique, it really strikes close to a lot of people’s hearts.

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