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No Longer David v. Goliath

April 18, 2010
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It can get confusing out in the tech world, what company owns and runs what products and what options consumers have for certain product categories. I found this chart by Gizmodo that tries and mildly succeeds at clarifying the situation. However, it does shows how confusing it really is because these three power companies that are really competing for the same exact audience with very similar products in the same product categories.

I also think it’s funny that the only Microsoft product I use on this chart is MS Office, and at the same time I use Google Docs.


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Google Buzz: What Is This?

February 12, 2010

So what exactly is this? A new social feature to add to Gmail? Googles attempt at a social networking platform to compete with the likes of Facebook?

Or is it a failure on all fronts. Google, usually an innovator when it comes to online software, has taken itself into the social networking war with its new “Buzz”. But because this is a brand new program, Google will be working with it and improving it over the next few years extensively. Gmail itself just recently lost its “Beta” tag after several years in operation.

Already Google is looking to improve Buzz, purchasing Aardvark for $50m. Aardvark is a website that gives you quick quality answers from people whose profiles are similar to yours. You can submit a question via e-mail or IM and the program scans the profiles of people who claim to have knowledge of that subject.

Some stats posted by Techcrunch:

-87.7% of questions submitted were answered, and nearly 60% of them were answered within 10 minutes.  The median answering time was 6 minutes and 37 seconds, with the average question receiving two answers.

-As of October 2009, Aardvark had 90,361 users, of whom 55.9% had created content (asked or answered a question). The site’s average query volume was 3,167.2 questions per day, with the median active user asking 3.1 questions per month. Interestingly, mobile users are more active than desktop users.

-98.1% of questions asked on Aardvark were unique, compared with between 57 and 63% on traditional search engines.

Aardvark will be a very cool feature to add to Google Buzz, and if they continue to add these interesting programs to it, than Buzz may be a thing I would actually use in the future. However, that is the future. As of now, Google Buzz seems like the addition of Twitter to Gmail. And I stopped using Twitter a long time ago because what Shaq and MC Hammer are doing with their spare time interests me little. What I can see Google doing is integrating Google Wave into this and making this not just a social network, but making it a realtime work network as well.

Here is a video about Google Buzz if you are further interested.

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