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Simplicity and Beauty in Package Design

April 22, 2010
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New work from Landor for Old Spice.

With customers complaining that Old Spice’s old musk smell has always remained the same, Old Spice decided to release a series of new scents not given names like “New Wave”, “Fresh Start”, or “Invigorate”. Instead, they released a series of smells that are exotic location based, and Landor designed some sweet new packaging to go along with it. Above you can see the Denali, Fiji, and Matterhorn scents. Now, I could not even begin to guess what these scents would smell like, I’m a huge fan of the new look and the bold step away from the crappy selection that is men’s deodorant.

I like the switch from dark bottles to the white ones. Clean, concise, and very reflective of what the American public is feeling right now. At the far end of this recession, Americans are looking for clean and simple product design. You will see it all over the place, companies are using a lot of simple color and design patterns. Sometimes black and white with one accent color. Sometimes a very simple design scheme. It seems that we are tired of complexity. At home, in the news, and in our commercial design. And these new designs from Landor mirror that wonderfully. You have the red Old Spice emblem, and then you have an accent color for the location banner. And to integrate the central emblem into the scene, you have one piece of nature going in front of it in every scene. A tree in Fiji, a hillside in Matterhorn and reeds in Denali.

I will definitely be trying these out in the future. I think I’m going to start with Cyprus. The light blue of the location banner and the scene itself seem to reach out to me more than any of the others.


Promoting the Mad Hatter

March 3, 2010
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Movie posters are simple in their purpose, to create interest in the movie and to ultimately get as many people as possible to see it. Since the dawn of the digital age the ways to promote a movie have increased to far more than just a creating a poster. But sticking to just the poster, there have been several design phases that movie poster designers have gone through; from illustration to copy heavy to simple photographs. Today however, movie poster designers are going with the theme of individual character posters.

More and more movies are going with specific character posters to advertise their movies. This approach diversifies the designs that film studios can take when promoting a new movie. If a man tends to identify more with Johnny Depp than Orlando Bloom, then that person can see the Captain Jack Sparrow poster. This also leads to far more sales opportunities, I know I’ve personally purchased a few character driven posters in the past.

Bold TV Posters

February 28, 2010
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Movie posters were one of the leading influencers that made me want to get into advertising and design. And while all production houses design their own posters, there are many designers who take it upon themselves for creating posters for not just movies, but tv and theatre. Albert Exergian has taken it upon himself to design posters for several iconic tv shows that takes a different angle. With one common theme among all of the shows, it takes one very noticeable object from the show and runs with it.

While this set of posters is very interesting, I’m not sure I really like it. With very abstract object being portrayed on the posters, you cannot always tell the relation to the show without the labeling at the top. I admire his attempt at this, but this is not something that I would be putting on my wall.

BAFTA Program Cover Art

February 27, 2010
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The word art is thrown around a lot in todays culture, everyone wants to be an artist. But on the rare occasion when someone really does create art, I think it is something that should be recognized and shared. I saw this on Kiersten Tiempe’s Blog and just had to post it here for more people to see. Travis Coburn was given the job of designing this years BAFTA Programs, and wow did he take it to a new level.

(An Education, Avatar, Hurt Locker, Precious, Up in the Air)

Like Kiersten, I hope this are released as prints, because these deserve nothing less than a frame and good spot on my wall. They are beautiful, vibrant, colorful, and leave you wanting more. I look forward to trying to find other work by this talented artist.

New Resume Design

February 8, 2010

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Consumer Generated Merchandise

February 2, 2010
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A set of twelve statuettes of cute androids have been released by artist Andrew Bell in collaboration with Goggle. These statuettes come in a very attractive box that bears the clean style of design that comes with most Apple products. These 3″ androids are extremely attractive not just to android and google product users, but to consumers loyal to other brand users. I personally am a loyal Apple product user, but I sort of want a few android statues for my desk at home.

Consumer generated merchandise is a great indication of a brands health. No one creates figurines for a brand that no one can identify with. The fact that an artist creates statues for a brand shows a completely different level of brand loyalty. Unprompted and unpaid by Goggle, an independent artist took it upon himself to create a set statues depicting the brand. I fool around with creating posters for brands that I have a strong connection with. If I ever like one enough, I’ll post it here. There are a lot of examples, but a few that pop right to my mind.

With Barack Obama in the 2008 election, dozens of artists and designers created posters, stickers, and tons of other types of media for Brand Obama. The most noticed were the posters by famous graphic designer Shepard Fairy, a personal favorite of mine. He created the “Yes We Can” posters to promote Obama, and than once the election was finished, the “Yes We Did” posters. But posters were not the only thing generated by Fairy, but over a dozen artists used their skills to create works for the future President. One of the productions that stood out above all others was the music video featuring the Black Eyed Peas and got over 20m views.

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