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It Was the Best Night Ever | January 28, 2010

Every Monday night on CBS is my favorite show of the last decade, and the follow-up to last decades biggest sitcom, Friends. How I Met Your Mother is one of the most uniquely written and produced show in the last few years. It follows the story of Ted, a man searching for his eventual wife and his four best friends. They are all in their mid-twenties and live in New York City. What the show does so uniquely is use cut-scenes, flash-backs and alternate telling of stories.

What the show also does so creatively is creating internet add-ons for any sort of website that has been created in show. This has not happened on just one or two occasions, its happened a total of fourteen times through the shows creation. Some of the websites created to coincide with the show are: Barney’s Blog, Barney’s Twitter, Swarley, Ted Mosby is a Jerk, Lily and Marshall Sell Their Stuff, Guy Forces His Wife to Dress to Dress in a Garbage Bag for the Next Three Years, and several others. The show drove so much traffic to these websites that several of them went down because of too much traffic. One of my favorite ones though, has to be a music video created for a music montage on a season 4 episode.

The shows creators actually released two books to go along with the show, one being The Bro Code, a thing often referenced in the show by Barney, one of the shows main characters. The other book was The Playbook was the second book released, which chronicles Barney’s different “plays” when trying to pick up women. CBS does a fantastic job at creating other venues for the show to publicize it, and if you check out the Wikipedia article for the show, all of the websites are laid out for you.


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